Creating Lasting Change

Hearing loss lasts a lifetime, and so must our solution. We believe that it’s not enough to simply provide access to hearing aids without also providing follow-up services. That’s why we train local people to become audio-technicians, whose continuing presence in areas without any hearing care ensures that beneficiaries always have someone to turn to if they have questions, need repairs, or require new equipment.

When launching a project in a new country, World Wide Hearing carefully selects a local partner to support its efforts. In collaboration with our partners, we work with local government officials, health authorities, and schools to promote the integration of hearing-impaired people in society by ensuring the availability of follow-up services such as speech therapy and specialized education programs.

Respect for Others

We believe people with hearing loss deserve the best possible care, regardless of where they live or how much money they have. That is why World Wide Hearing provides only new, high-quality, digital hearing aids to its beneficiaries. We never use outdated, refurbished, or recycled devices. All hearing aids sourced by World Wide Hearing are produced following ISO and international quality standards, maximizing their lifespan.

We do our utmost to respect the dignity of individuals with hearing problems. Our hearing aids are designed to be as discreet as possible to minimize the self-consciousness people can sometimes feel when they wear a hearing aid. Through our programs, we also raise awareness in communities about people with hearing loss, to promote acceptance and reduce stigmas.

Our belief is that the only way to ensure that our solutions will be effective is to speak with our beneficiaries about their needs. We reach out to communities in places where we work and solicit their input to ensure that our solutions are appropriate, desirable, and culturally sensitive.

100% Guarantee

We promise that every dollar that you donate to World Wide Hearing will be spent on a project to provide affordable hearing aids. This is possible because all of World Wide Hearing’s administrative costs are funded by private donations, and are kept separate from any project costs. Thanks to the tireless work of our volunteers, we’re able to keep our administrative operations modest in size and budget. As a result, your money goes directly to help people in need.